How does Hotelier allow for anywhere anytime access?

    On our hosted option, you are able to access Hotelier from anywhere, onsite at the property, from home, even from another city. All you need is a PC and internet access

    What if my internet access goes down?

    We strongly recommend having a secondary access option in the case of downtime on your primary connection. An example would be a prepaid dongle that could be made use of.

    How many users can access Hotelier at any give time?

    We do not limit the number of users who can connect and work on the program

    Can I log in from my Mac?

    The hosted Hotelier can be accessed on a Mac via the browser

    How safe is my data?

    The Hotelier database is backed up to multiple locations

    Can I link Hotelier to online booking engines?

    Yes, we interface with Nightsbridge, SiteMinder and Beds24

    What options do I have for integrated point of sales systems for my restaurant/bar?

    We have our own POS, QTill. This is fully integrated and allows for direct postings from QTill to Hotelier. Other POS options that we link to: GAAP, Pillot, WillPower, Power Till

    I have a spa, which spa management programs do you integrate with?

    Hotelier links with both SpaGuru and ESP

    Which accounting packages can be posted to directly from Hotelier?

    We are integrated with Pastel and SageOne

    I use Mi-WiFi for internet voucher sales, does this work with Hotelier?

    Yes, we do integrate with Mi-WiFi

    I would like like to use a guest feedback company, do you link to any?

    Yes we do, to both Vinivi and GuestRevu

    How long has Hotelier been around?

    Hotelier SA has been a supplier of the hospitality industry since 1986, initially as a DOS system, then moving to Windows and in Jun 2017 Hotelier v12 was released

    What booking options are available to me in Hotelier?

    Hotelier works with a variety of booking options:

    – Standard Direct Reservations

    – Agent/Corporate/Operator Reservations

    – Walk-ins

    – Group Bookings

    – Held Rooms

    – Out of Order Rooms

    Can I view and restrict user access?

    All user activity in Hotelier is logged. A multitude of reports can be drawn based on these activities. User access levels can also be set, allowing access to staff members to be in relation to the duties that the perform

    Who do I contact with queries?

    Our contact number is 021 300 1144 and our office hours and Monday – Friday 08:30 – 16:30, excluding public holidays.
    After hours emergency assistance is available on 076 782 2022

    How is support provided?

    We provide telephonic and online support. We make use of Team Viewer, which allows us to access the pc in question and assist with any Hotelier or QTill questions that may arise

    How can I get training for myself and my staff?

    Training is provided telephonically and via Team Viewer. We train according to the staff member in questions requirements and can provide a training system so the users can get comfortable with the program before working on the live system

    Does Hotelier lock me in to a long term contract?

    No, there is only a one month cancellation notice period